43% mark is an unheard-of precedent – Melia on Michel’s document


According to Nika Melia, chairman of the United National Movement, there is a big difference between local and parliamentary elections. According to Melia, he also does not understand the 43% threshold, which if the "Georgian Dream" fails to pass in the self-government elections, will be the reason for  holding early elections .

"The 43% mark is an unheard-of precedent. We have given about 150 thousand vote forms to the government,  afterwhich we tied the fate of the parliamentary elections to the local ones. There is a huge difference between these decisions, in their specifics and this one is beneficial to the ruling party, it would aid any ruling party, whichever it may be.My personal position is that without very close coordination and joining forces, failure is guaranteed" Melia said.

According to the final document of the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, early parliamentary elections will be called in 2022 if the Georgian Dream party receives less than 43% of the  proportional votes in the October 2021 local elections.

The document was signed on April 19 by part of the opposition and the Georgian Dream.