"Dream" is going to pardon itself and its team members - Melia on June 20 amnesty


The  draft bills of the "Georgian Dream" and the opposition that signed the agreement on the June 20 amnesty will be registered at the Bureau sitting in the Parliament today. According to the Georgian Dream draft bill, the amnesty should apply to all persons involved in the case, which is opposed by  the opposition.

"The Georgian Dream is going to pardon itself, its own team members, who are unfortunately exposed for the most serious crimes during the anti-occupation really, it simply  serves this aim, nothing more It will cost a very high price not only political, but also human, moral and no one  will benefit" says Nika Melia. 

The leader of the Republicans, Khatuna Samnidze, hopes that the public opinion will influence the Georgian Dream and they will finally agree on  one bill.