The fact that Melia left prison does not mean that his case is closed – Talakvadze


“Assuming that an amnesty project is no longer needed after the use of bail is a very unfounded and irresponsible speculation. The Amnesty is the decision to finally close these issues and not an intermediary means of changing bail or imprisonment. Consequently, the fact that Nikanor Melia used bail and left the prison, i.e., the prosecution and the court changed the measure of restraint, does not mean that the case against him is finally closed. The article in the document, which deals with amnesty, does not allow for any different interpretations, and if someone is trying to submit a different project, I assure you, it  only serves one aim-  for someone to temporarily maintain his face and take a political stance" said the "Georgian Dream" MP, Archil Talakvadze.