Ongoing reorganization in the CEC is hasty and unjustified – ISFED


The non-governmental organization "Fair Elections" [ISFED] has released a statement on the ongoing reorganization process in the Central Election Commission. The organization considers that the reorganization process is hasty and unjustified:

"The process of structural reorganization within the CEC in 2021 is not properly substantiated and leaves the feeling  that the reorganization is being rushed, as evidenced by the two changes in the regulations carried out in the period from  March 5 to May 14 and the reformation  of the newly created departments in a short time. We believe that any institutional transformation should be done after the formation of a new electoral administration. Therefore, the Central Election Commission should suspend the current structural and personnel changes before the end of the election reform, because it is incomprehensible in the light of the current reform and lacks legitimacy until the CEC is fully staffed," the statement reads.