The so-called Parliament was illegitimate 6 months ago and is still illegitimate now – Baramidze


Should the "National Movement" decide to enter the parliament? – the consultations are underway in the UNM on this issue.

Positions are divided among party members. Among the opponents of entering the parliament is Giorgi Baramidze, who believes that the current parliament is illegitimate.

"To all political powers and politicians it is important to be consistent and trustworthy… If we said after the 2020 elections that these elections were rigged and the so-called parliament is illegitimate, it was illegitimate 6 months ago, 2 months ago and it is illegitimate now as well" said Giorgi Baramidze.

Consultations in the National Movement began after the release from prison of Niki Melia. Some of the party members are in favor of entering the parliament, some are against it.