Let’s abandon "feelings", "perceptions", "impressions" - Papuashvili' s advice to ISFED


"Let's learn at least something from this seven - month worthless fuss, let's abandon "feelings", "perceptions", "impressions", and talk about facts and evidence" - this is the response of the member of the parliamentary majority, "Georgian Dream" ,Public Relations secretary, Shalva Papuashvili to the  statement issued by the non-governmental organization "Fair Elections" [ISFED], according to which the ongoing reorganization process at the CEC is hasty and unjustified

According to Papuashvili, ISFED's statement is based on "perceptions".

"It is very unfortunate that Fair Elections, instead of at least publishing a list of polling stations where PVT counts were conducted seven months after the election and not avoiding the questions we asked, is publishing a report based on sentiment, and thus "creates the perception" that it  wants to put pressure on the independent administrative body and discredit it. Let's learn something from this seven months of meaningless fuss, let's give up 'feelings', 'perceptions', 'impressions' and talk about facts and evidence," Papuashvili wrote.