Levan Vasadze meets with Alexander Dugin in Moscow on Independence Day - Exclusive footage from Russia


Unique celebration of Independence Day - "Mtavari Channel" exclusively provided video footage of Levan Vasadze. The material was filmed an hour ago in Moscow. The founder of the new political movement "ERI" meets in the Russian capital with Alexander Dugin, known as an apologist for imperialist ideology.

While today the whole of Georgia is celebrating the day of liberation from the Russian Empire, and when today, in the Mtatsminda pantheon, was buried the general who fought for our freedom, Levan Vasadze, who constantly manipulates the public with talks of patriotism, met with the main enemy of Georgia, in Moscow

  Alexander Dugin is an active supporter of Vladimir Putin. He is the ideologist of the international "Eurasian movement," who advised the Russian government during the 2008 war to take over Tbilisi and form a pro-Russian government.  Dugin is also associated with the "World Congress of Families," whose 2014 regional conference in Georgia was hosted by Levan Vasadze.