In any case, it will still end the way political processes in this country always end - Nika Gvaramia on the court


Another trial on the case of Nika Gvaramia, the general director of the Mtavari Channel, is now starting at the Tbilisi City Court. Formula TV director and Intermedia founder Zuka Gumbaridze will be questioned at today's hearing.
As Nika Gvaramia said before the trial, the court does not follow any laws and everything will end the way political processes always end in this country.

   “I hope that nothing will happen to Zuka [Gumbaridze], though why do i, I don’t know, what one can have hope in this country. As for what will happen, why does it matter? We all know how it will end don’t we? As all  political cases end in this country… anything can be slandered upon a person like this. They don’t have any limits to their slander, do they? So, when they ask me what will happen, what’s my prognosis, I don’t have any, because its unfair to act in the absence of the law. It does not abide by it. If this was a normal court, I would have a prognosis, this case wouldn’t even exist.” – says Nika Gvaramia