I will not return it! - Tea Tsulukiani snatched the microphone from "Mtavari Channel" journalist


The Minister of Culture, who arrived at the "Cartu" event, confiscated the microphone of "Mtavari Channel" journalist Emma Gogokhia. She says she is not going to return the microphone and publishes the "Selfie" shot with it.

"Today, with this microphone, I am opening the Senaki Theater, amazingly rehabilitated by the Cartu Foundation! It is symbolic.
Formula or Glav kanal (I recognize Emma but not the logo) will even have to appoint a journalist to the region who, when attacking a respondent who has just  entered the hall (who has previously answered questions in the lobby), knows how not to let anybody to so easily disarm herself. I will not return it! :)))) From now on I will  inform you about the things with this microphone ", - Tea Tsulukiani writes.

Mtavari Channel journalist Emma Gogokhia said that the Minister of Culture  was irritated by a question about Tina Bokuchava being forcibly removed from the parliament hall by Shalva Papuashvili, after which she forcibly took the snatched the microphone  from the journalist. Gogokhia said she tried to ask a question and get back her  microphone, but the Minister began "making jokes" after which the crew was forced out by her bodyguards.