"It's a little awkward. It's better for them to understand the situation" - Okhanashvili' s advice to MEPs


Anri Okhanashvili "advises" MEPs to understand the situation in Georgia and make statements afterwards.

Okhanashvili was irritated by the comments of the European partners who reacted to the Prime Minister Gharibashvili's threats and said that after such a statement in the EU, the Prime Minister would have resigned.

Okhanashvili claims that no one can demand Gharibashvili's resignation:

"I advise everyone, individuals and not the European Parliament, who seem to have a special sympathy for the UNM and their leader, to keep it to themselves and not to insult either the Georgian people or the Strasbourg court. They are misinformed or mislead, or they know the truth and still make such a statement, and it is a bit awkward. It is better for them to understand the situation," Okhanashvili said.