"He may need to be transferred to a hospital at any moment" - Nikoloz Kipshidze


Mikheil Saakashvili's health condition deteriorated on the tenth day of the hunger strike. The third president has difficulty talking and moving, he only takes water and refuses food. Saakashvili was visited by a private doctor in prison.

The doctor said that Saakashvili's condition was deteriorating and that the third president might soon need resuscitation.

"Starvation is strictly forbidden for such patients and can cause great damage to various organs. The prognosis in all cases is one, death.

I am going to go in and meet with the prison director, or the chief doctor, for us to go through all the options we have of what needs to be done. There may arise hypoglycemia, a sharp drop in blood sugar, if there are no resuscitation actions, he might fall into a coma, He may need to be transferred at any moment," - said Nikoloz Kipshidze.