"His health is not as it used to be" - Giuli Alasania


Mikheil Saakashvili's mother, Giuli Alasania, left Rustavi prison. She said that she has not talked to her son about political issues, including the court, but says the process should be scheduled as soon as possible.

"My opinion is that of course this [scheduling of the trial] should happen very quickly. What is to delay?, after all everything has been known for a long time, what is the need to postpone all this?," he said.

As Giuli Alasania says, it would be good to conduct research on health, and the general condition is satisfactory according to the mother, although - of course, not as it used to be - says Giuli Alasania.

According to Giuli Alasania, she started talking about ending the hunger strike, but the third president refused.

"I knew he did not want to talk about that at all, but i still mentioned the topic, but he rejected it and I changed the subject," Giuli Alasania said after leaving prison.

When asked if it is difficult for him to move, Giuli Alasania, said that the room where she met her son did not allow her to make any conclusions.

Mikheil Saakashvili also met his children for the first time since imprisonment today:

"He talked to his sons, about the issues that concerned them. Nothing special, we were just happy, it was our first meeting," said Giuli Alasania.