They will not be allowed to move freely and tell lies to the population - Gharibashvili threatens the opposition


Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili is again threatening the opposition. Eight days before the second round of self-government elections, Gharibashvili says that the opposition will not be allowed to move freely on the streets and talk to citizens.

To the question of the journalist — does it create a sense of awkwardness that after 9 years in power, the election team of the ruling team still has aggressive rhetoric towards the previous government, the Prime Minister answered as follows:

"The awkwardness is that even today, these abusers, criminals, sadists, and murderers are in politics. It is our obligation to talk to the population and punish all criminals. The awkwardness must be faced by Gigi Ugulava and will be encountered everywhere, in every city. They will not be given the opportunity and luxury to move freely and tell lies to the population. This is a reality, and they should accept it, "Irakli Gharibashvili said.