Mikheil Saakashvili expresses readiness to end the hunger strike and names conditions


I decided to heed the call of the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights as well as our Western partners and end the hunger strike. There is a condition to end this hunger strike," Mikheil Saakashvili said in an address read recently by his lawyer, Nika Gvaramia.

Mikheil Saakashvili names transfer to a multifunctional clinic after the end of the hunger strike as one of the main conditions, for the rehabilitation process - As soon as this decision is made, and I am transferred from this institution to the appropriate institution, I will immediately end the hunger strike," Mikheil Saakashvili said.

The Strasbourg court also obliges the government to take care of Mikheil Saakashvili's health rehabilitation in a multiprofile clinic, with full security, according to yesterday's decision.

I appeal to all Georgians,

The actions of the government from the first day of my hunger strike to the present day have been a deliberate and planned operation of my termination. The commissioner can be only one person - Vladimir Putin. The footage released today, which clearly shows who is the winner and who is on the dark side, is severely damaging to the government itself.

Therefore, it seems like a paradox why the government published these videos. However, this paradox has a completely clear explanation - to make the Georgian patriots furious. So much so that subsequent provocations lead to civil strife, followed by Russia's invasion and occupation of the country under the guise of "neutralizing the ongoing threats along the border."

Therefore, I, as a patriot and the founder of the modern state of Georgia, have no right not to oppose the development of this catastrophic scenario. My hunger strike is already becoming a weapon of struggle for the Russians and the current government, but not against me, but against my country.

 I have decided to heed the call of the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights, as well as our Western partners, and end the hunger strike. Only, under the following conditions: The process of rehabilitation after starvation is much more complicated than the process of starvation management. Therefore, the Gldani Hospital has neither the technological conditions nor the properly qualified medical staff.

In addition, it is unthinkable for me to trust the staff of the institution which is torturing me, as well as whose violence in the footage you have seen today. In addition, there is no guarantee of safety and protection from psychological pressure, which is also a requirement of the Strasbourg court.

I also consider Gori Hospital to be the biggest threat, as the Russian occupation army and special forces units are located a few kilometers from this hospital. The same Russia, which is the main commissioner of my termination.

Accordingly, I request the doctors' council to decide which multifunctional and high-tech clinics and under what treatment conditions I will be provided with during the post-starvation rehabilitation process.

The council should be composed only of professionals and on a parity basis. With an equal number of doctors from my representatives and state-appointed representatives. Their decision should be not of a recommendatory nature, but binding, to which I will obey unconditionally, and the government should also obey.

In this situation, as soon as this decision is made, and I am transferred from this facility to the appropriate facility, I will immediately end the hunger strike.

Here, I would like to address to Elene Khoshtaria, with the greatest respect and gratitude, for her, and i say this with no exaggeration, heroic and patriotic behavior, and urge her, on the basis of my decision, to immediately stop her hunger strike that is dangerous to her health.

The government has collapsed. Now we, as a society, must gather strength and bring our struggle to an end. We stand together even more, we must spread our united ranks even wider, Georgia will definitely win this battle.

P.S. - I greet Levan Goguadze, a doctor who supports me and who was fired from the Ozurgeti Hospital due to an interview. Brother Levan, your future is bright, and for those who oppressed you, it is dark and backward. The history of Georgia, it's past, present and future stand on people like you. Everything will be very well.

Mikheil Saakashvili, - the address reads.