As never before I believe in victory, and as never before I believe that now is the time to win - Address of Mikheil Saakashvili | Full version


My dear compatriots and friends!
I want to thank you with all my heart for your unprecedented solidarity and humanity. Even I, who have always believed in my people, am amazed at this kind of consolidation of society, the ability to stand by each other's side and their humanity. You, who have so many problems on a daily basis, put everything aside and not because of my personal issue, but with the issue of washing away the shame for the country and saving its western course. This is what caused such a resonance in the world. Thank you so much for that.
At the same time, I would like to apologize for the unintentional stress caused by the constant coverage of the issue of my life and death in the media under the cruelty of the government. I apologize to everyone, especially to the kids.
Many thanks to Elene Khoshtaria for her heroism. Her dedication over the past weeks is one of the most brilliant examples of dignity and patriotism in the history of our country.
Thanks to our national pride, Paata Burchuladze. Thanks to members of parliament of all levels for the hunger strike in solidarity. Most importantly, thank you so much to the common and indeed the most distinguished and special citizens for standing in the cold and for the acts of starvation, for signing petitions, and for any other type of support.
Huge thanks to the entire medical community, both in Georgia and abroad. Georgian doctors who showed the highest professional decency and qualification.
Thanks to my family members for standing by my side, and sorry for causing nervousness.
Thanks to our international friends and the international media for fighting for my right to life and, most importantly, for protecting the interests of my country.
Special and huge thanks to Nino Lomjaria and her extraordinary team for their contribution of incredible scale and importance to the country's democracy.
Many thanks to the office of the State Inspector and his team for protecting democracy and for investigating my inhuman treatment.
Many thanks to every member of concilium and professional or member of the expert group.
Thanks to the Public Defender of Ukraine. Special thanks to the President of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.
My special thanks to Georgian Free Media. The most distinguished, dedicated and most importantly, a successful fighting institution for the future of this country.
Thanks to everyone, you saved me from imminent death, and most importantly, you saved Georgia from historical shame and forever slipping into the darkness of Russia.
I agreed to travel on the highway I have built to the Gori Hospital which I have built and to end the hunger strike as soon as I was placed there, but I am not really going to put up with my illegal detention and hopefully, you will not tolerate my captivity by Putin's.
I, Mikheil Saakashvili, am ready to stand before even a specially created but fair court and defend my and our historical truth, including those who have considered themselves oppressed or who have suffered real damage during my presidency. All this must be done by strict observance of national dignity and legal norms, and I will obey any judgment of such a court. But I repeat, my detention today is illegal, and we must end it together. We must finish liberating our country and when the country is liberated, I will be free too. As soon as I am free, I will join you as an equal among equals to rebuild our country. I will be involved in returning our country to the European path and in holding fair elections in the country. Overcoming poverty, hardship, and hopelessness.
Now is not the time to stop. Now is the time for consolidation. Do not be afraid of either winter or regime threats. Do not assume that we have achieved anything significant. The main thing is to liberate our country. After all, do we demand, something we do not deserve? We demand to live in a free, non-violent country, to have an income that does not make us think to flee the country, to be able to provide for our children and to take care of our parents. To have a future, both personally and for the whole country.
As never before I believe in victory, and as never before I believe that now is the time to win.
Not a single castaway!
Not a single lost second!
Not a step back!