Boycott against the Mtavari Channel - Tea Tsulukiani kept critical media out of a briefing


Boycott of the Mtavari Channel and restriction of media freedom - Tea Tsulukiani imposes restrictions on journalists. The Mtavari Channel was not invited to the special briefing at the Ministry of Culture, but we found out about the political activity through sources and visited the government member at the ministry.

The doors of the Ministry of Culture were closed to the Mtavari Channel. After a half an hour wait, the security service did not allow the film crew to attend the briefing.

The reason was special so-called lists, which indicated who had the right to approach Tsulukiani and who did not. Only state channels were put on the security service list and the "Mtavari Channel" was told that it was not allowed to attend the briefing because of this.

"The briefing has started, I am an employee of the Office, I do not have an answer to that," said an official of the Office.