It was difficult, but last night he could walk for five minutes - The doctor about Mikheil Saakashvili's condition


According to State Council member Elena Giorgadze, Mikheil Saakashvili's health condition is stable, but he will need time to recover.

According to the doctor, the President had his first attempt to move yesterday morning, which was difficult, but he could walk for about 5 minutes in the evening.

"We are following the routine every day. His body is allowing it, everything is going according to plan. Gradually things are getting better, but it will take time. So every day we come in, do tests and evaluate. Yesterday he had his first attempt after Adinamia, he was walking down the corridor in the morning, having difficulties, but last night he could walk for about 5 minutes. Everyone who came out yesterday confirmed the same thing. The dynamic is positive. All the lab indicators are fine. We need time," said Elena Giorgadze.