Nika Gvaramia's statement after leaving the Gori Military Hospital


Nika Gvaramia, after leaving the Gori Military Hospital, spoke about both the mental and physical conditions of Mikhei Saakashvili, as well as possible future actions. Nika Gvaramia believes that Mikhei Saakashvili has won the moral war against the Georgian Dream and now the Third presidents only task is to save the country. 

He requests that the Medical Expert Board, set up by the Centre for Empathy, to immediately be allowed into the hospital. In my opinion, once the major weaknesses have been addressed, his nervous state reflecting the stress he suffered came to the fore, this is the toughest thing, this is apparent in his speech, communication, walking and the commission of Mrs Mariam Jishkariani includes neurologists, psychologists and psychotherapists, so it is very important for the alternative board to be allowed entry, this is a very important circumstance.

We, the entrants, are already used to it and it may not seem so, but it is true, Mikhail Saakashvili is weak despite the undergoing necessary treatment, the process of physical recovery has started, but the process of psychological recovery is ongoing, which is much more difficult and perhaps not so obvious, and we cannot understand it through analysis. It requires a very skilled and timely intervention.

It is very bad to see such a loss of face that to comment on a case of a human being tortured and say that the person seeks a spotlight by letting himself be tortured by Ivanishvili

When for the purposes of consolidation, they say that Mikheil Saakashvili should appear and be tortured, but when that serves its purpose, he should stand aside. Mikheil Saakashvili is fighting to save his country with the tools and methods that the Government has left him with and many of us would not be able to stand against them as he did, and especially we would not be able to fight so honorably, bravely and righteously. Let's leave him the choice to fight for his country and for his rights.

Saakashvili has long since fulfilled his personal task; he has gone through a cleansing that no one in this country has gone through since the time of Zviad Gamsakhurdia. He is much higher today in my eyes than he was during the Rose Revolution, he has already won the emotional and moral war. But he came here to change reality in this country and to save the country. That task, in his view, has not yet been accomplished, but he believes it can be done with concerted, clear and consistent action,

He has no trust in Bidzina Ivanishvili's court, but he is demanding to be transferred to a court where there should be an open trial, and where he will speak the truth to the Georgian people, and he does not care at all what the prosecutors, the court and the Georgian Dream authorities think. However, he stresses that he has offered Bidzina Ivanishvili a platform which he trusts unconditionally and that he will fully participate in it. It will be a specially created court, it is a matter of technicality, it is clearly stipulated in the constitution that special courts are excluded, but a format which is trusted by both the government and Saakashvili must be found. In this case, he will once again prove his innocence to the Georgian people. I am convinced that this court will be impartial and independent."