Mikheil Saakashvili's addresses to the Georgian public [Full Version]


 Georgia's third president Mikheil Saakashvili addresses the public. His address is posted on Mikheil Saakashvili's Facebook page and we offer it unchanged:

Thank you so much for saving my life. Putin with hands of Ivanishvili, is doing everything for my physical destruction, I am sure of that. Were it not for your numerous protest actions, Nino Lomjaria's courage and competence, if there was no unity of the opposition and civil society in defending the country's Western orientation, if not for the pressure of the international community, nothing would have come of it.

By taking me hostage, by completely banning public relations, by deliberately violating all my legal rights, I am given no opportunity to engage the Georgian people in the decisive struggle against the dark Russian regime.

Ivanishvili's court has zero chance for me to find justice. If Ivanishvili really wanted to try me on the grounds of restoration of justice, he would have agreed to an impartial and independent court proposed by me. I repeat this offer and declare that I, unlike Ivanishvili, am not afraid to appear before a fair court freely and publicly and defend my truth in front of the Georgian people and win.

Nevertheless, give me the right to an unfair court and attend my trials, where I will speak to the Georgian people and not to Ivanishvili and his puppets.

It is quite clear that the most effective method of fighting the regime is mass peaceful rallies. The more courageous and tireless we are, the closer we will get to the liberation of our country, which will bring freedom not only to me, but to all illegally displaced persons.

In order to dispel the speculations circulated by the state security services, as well as to leave more room for maneuver and more opportunity to concentrate on the main issue to the opposition parties, I think it would be better for the initiative group to work on my release campaign. which will consider general political line of opposition secondly will coordinate the ongoing campaign.

i remind you that I do not see myself in any configuration of the future government. by taking me hostage and banning public relations, Ivanishvili, I think, is not only seeking revenge on me, but also significantly hindering the formation of a new, coalition government through early elections, we should not allow this.

The coming weeks are very important. If we consolidate, maintain political momentum, multiply and fight principally and selflessly, we will achieve everything. get everyone involved. Those who can not come to protest, help the demonstrators with food.

Now, if we pause, Ivanishvili will sign it as retreat and defeat, which is physically deadly to me and historically deadly to our homeland. therefore, not a single step back and action, action and action.

Mikheil Saakashvili