Bekauri's office attorney's confession in court | The main reason for the punishment of the "Mtavari Channel" is its editorial policy.


 The regulatory commission is trying to punish the Mtavari Channel - about a month ago, Kakha Bekauri's office filed a lawsuit against the TV station in the city court, but the city court stopped the proceedings.

 The commission has appealed the decision in the City Court. In this case, too, we are talking about 2 videos: "Free Misha" and the clip of the October 14 rally.

 The attorney of Bekauri's office admitted at today's trial that the real reason for the fines and their irritation is the editorial policy of the "Mtavari Channel", an independent television.

 "During the explanation, the commissions side told the court that our channel is unbalanced in terms of it's programs and this was echoed in the broadcast clip. The commission directly decided to interfere in our editorial independence and because it does not like our editorial policy, it decided to ban our freedom of expression" said Tamta Muradashvili, a lawyer with the Mtavari Channel.