"Regulatory Commission undermines democracy, we will provide information to the international community" - Tamta Muradashvili


Mtavari Channel is not going to pay the fine imposed by the Regulatory Commission. The TV company is planning to appeal the sanction and continue the dispute in the court.
The channel's lawyers argue that the sanction is an attempt to impose censorship that serves the interests of the "Dream" which all critical and independent media should oppose.
According to them, they will definitely provide information to the international community about how the government is trying to silence all critical media.

"The current situation is really alarming, we are already at a critical threshold. Beyond that, it really means shutting us all down. So now we need a double battle not only for the Mtavari Channel, but for all critical media who want to be independent and live in this country as a media. We and I think that our TV channel friends will also be gaining strength and fighting a double battle in different ways.
"In addition to fighting in court, we will also actively cooperate with the international community to provide them with this information, because this topic is being watched very closely. It looks like it's a regulatory commission and does nothing wrong, but in fact it undermines democracy," said lawyer Tamta Muradashvili.

On November 25 the Bekauri agency fined the Mtavari channel 112,000 GEL for three videos.
According to the Communications Commission, the reason for the huge fine was the distribution of political advertisement during the non-election period.