"I am a captive of Putin, when you ask for more apologies and remorse, please understand my predicament," Mikheil Saakashvili.


"I am now a prisoner of Putin, my friends, I am a personal prisoner of the Russian system, and when you ask for more apologies and more remorse, please understand my predicament," Mikheil Saakashvili told the court.

In his statement, he said he wanted an open discussion with the public and that is why he returned to Georgia.

"There were many demands why I did not express more apologies and more remorse in my previous speech. Now those who ask me to repent are the representatives of the usurper government, it is understood that they demand the kind of remorse that Stalin did, who arranged open trials, where everyone admitted their guilt. Then everyone was shot on the basis of their own admitted guilt. I feel no remorse towards these people.

"As for the rest of the society, of course I have a lot to talk about with the rest of the society, about the society in general" - said Mikhail Saakashvili.

However, the third president recalled that he took the oath on the grave of David the Builder and said that his "Canon of Repentance" is an example of this reflection.

"So, friends, those of you who believe that my apology was either insincere or insufficient, who think that my confession of error is enough and who think it is not enough at all, and that I have to list all areas, everything, I want to tell everyone, I am ready to hear all your complaints, I am ready to argue with you, agree with you and I very much hope you understand. Where I may be right, agree with me, unlike this court, there is no point in proving the truth here, and where I am wrong, I will agree with you. It will also be a cathartic and purifying process for me," Saakashvili said.

According to him, he is not asking an apology from anyone and the issue does not arise at all.