Don't go, let's fight together here ... We will save our homeland and our future | Mikheil Saakashvili's address to the people


Don't go, let's fight together here! - Mikheil Saakashvili addresses the public from the Gori military hospital and writes in a letter:

Don't go.. let's fight together here! I hear and see 1 million more of our compatriots, who are planning to move abroad to work and earn money. I want to address you based on my experience and what I have seen with my own eyes - it is very difficult to get a decent place abroad, I understand that you are so hungry here, now you think to have enough food, but besides food a person needs decent living conditions, respect and dignified treatment. All this is very difficult for a new immigrant. You should know that for a very long time you will be a secondary resident, which means that not only you will not be able to work according to your talents and qualifications, but you will often have to serve a local resident, who is often more uneducated and less experienced than you, simply because he/she was born there.

In addition, you can not take Georgia with you, the feeling of homesickness is very intense. I have experienced it myself, you also have to put up with long separation from your children [I have also experienced it]. And if fate smiles on you, and you take your little ones with you, in most cases, they will stop speaking Georgian and will lose their bond to the country.

What do I offer in return? Let's fight together in the coming weeks, for 2-3 months, and we guarantee that not only the situation will change, but each one of you will have at least the same income by the end of next year as you had in Poland, Greece or even Germany. I know that you do not believe the promises of politicians, but remember that I have never lied to you. We will save our homeland and our future! "- says Mikheil Saakashvili in his address.