"We need a political amnesty and a round table on the redistribution of power" - Mikheil Saakashvili addresses the protesters


The third president of Georgia addresses the rally outside the Orbeliani Palace.

Mikheil Saakashvili's address to the rally was read by the host of the Mtavari Channel, journalist Nanuka Jorzholiani:

"My dear, free fellow citizens, thank you very much for standing with those whom I have offended in my time, with whom I have helped, with whom I have agreed and for whom my ideas are unacceptable or of little interest. We should, in my humble opinion, be talking about freedom, free elections, free judiciary, free prosecution, free media and freedom from violence in general. I am convinced that these 5 proposals are not only compatible with, but contribute to, the rapid modernisation of the country and the development of the economy.

How to achieve all this: We need first of all a general political amnesty and a round table on the redistribution of power and the upcoming elections.

Once again, I am not driven by a desire for any kind of power. If anyone needs my advice and experience, I will be happy to share it with the government of the transitional coalition in Georgia, just as I have shared it with the governments of Ukraine, Albania, and Central Asia over the years. This is the way it should be. A whole new generation of leaders is going to emerge. I will work on attracting investments in Lazika and education.

Many very talented, brilliant people have gathered at the Orbeliani Palace today. Your example is important and believe me, more and more people will join you with the snowball effect, because you are driven by noble motives, love of your country, dignity and pride. You will surely win the cases of the Georgian nation and its state, which the enemy has dragged in. I think the stopwatch is on and you are running out of time.

"Good luck to you and the whole of Georgia" - Mikhail Saakashvili said in his address.