Giorgi Rurua, Anzor Melia, Salome Samadashvili, David Bakradze went to visit the hunger strikers


Anzor Melia arrived at the United National Movement office, where about 200 people are on hunger strike today. He said he wanted to encourage the protesters, who were separated from their families on 31 December and were meeting the new year under such conditions.

He also checked on the health of the protesters.

"Some were brought to me due to heart attacks as well. As soon as we ruled out a heart attack, we discharged two of them. As soon as we had the risk of a heart attack tested, and it was negative, they rushed back here again," said Anzor Melia.

George Rurua, one of the shareholders of Mtavari Channel, also visited the protesters.

MPs David Bakradze and Salome Samadashvili came to the party office in the morning.