Police violence against a person with disabilities - Harrowing footage of police violence taken in Isani metro [video]


Harrowing footage and brutal abuse of a deaf person who cannot hear and cannot speak - physical abuse of a young man by a police officer at the Isani metro station in Tbilisi. The law enforcement officer excessively beat him only because he could not answer his questions.

Before the physical assault, the boy's friends explained to police that the young man had special needs, he could neither hear nor speak, and could not answer his questions. The offending police officer stated that he would "make him talk".

Two police officers were detained in connection with the use of violence. A statement about this was made to a state inspector.

In particular, an inspector of the 3rd platoon of the Metropolitan Division of Patrol and Inspection Service was detained on charges of degrading or inhuman treatment, while an inspector of the 3rd platoon of the same department was detained on charges of exceeding his official powers. .

"The criminal case is under investigation and a number of investigative and procedural actions are to be carried out. Based on the evidence obtained, further clarification of the circumstances of the case and qualification of the crime is possible in the future," the agency said in a statement.