"The government " knows it has committed a crime and has wiped away its tracks- Mikheil Saakashvili on deleted footage of the Gori hospital


The third president responds to the deleted footage from the Gori military hospital. The announcement was released on his Facebook page:

I welcome the public awakening against violence and government abuse. The wave of solidarity rallies across Georgia today shows that we are not just a population, but a society. Many interesting leaders have emerged, especially women.

The abusers have power in the police and penitentiary system. I will never forget that at 6am in Gori hospital, when I was semi-conscious, 6 guards jumped on me to take my watch. Their commander was especially active. I remember the beast's hate-filled eyes, the others were clearly resisting the order and he was shouting, why are you standing there halfwits, twist his arm, get a move on. He was telling me, look what strength he had, and he was lying to us like he was ill.

That's the kind of rabid dogs the oligarch has raised. He should be careful not to lose the hand with which he feeds them. Rabies and hatred are still serious diseases.

It has now come to my attention from the State Inspectorate that the footage from the camera above my bed has been removed. This means that the "government" knows it has committed a crime and has wiped its tracks. No problem, nothing will be hidden!

I would like to urge citizens to film wherever they witness unlawful actions by police and security forces, and if they are afraid of spreading it, to send it to TV channels and prominent activists. We must stop the gang of non-humans that has infiltrated the Georgian police. We must do this at least to give the decent police officers remaining in the system a second chance to serve Georgia. In addition, we must work individually with these decent police officers so that they do not sink with Ivanishvili," Mikheil Saakashvili said in a statement.