It is a slanderous, politically motivated statement - Garibashvili about the Ukrainian intelligence service


The prime minister calls the information spread by Ukrainian intelligence about smuggling slander, and the government's involvement in this case absurd. According to him, Georgia will never allow the transfer of sanctioned cargoes.

According to Garibashvili, this Ukrainian intelligence information was politically motivated.

"I was very sad to hear such slanderous accusations from Ukraine. It is clear that this was a politically motivated statement, no evidence, no facts will be presented, and, of course, it is very sad.

I wish Ukraine and Ukrainians a speedy end to the war, an end to this destructive war, which is a big challenge not only for Ukraine, but also for us, for the whole region, for the whole Europe and for the whole world," said Garibashvili.

According to Garibashvili, various agencies have given competent answers to this accusation.

"Georgia will never, I repeat, never allow the transfer of any sanctions cargo, and especially how absurd this accusation that the government is involved in this, it is absolutely absurd, there can be no serious comments on this," he said. .

Prime Minister said that they are in full coordination with foreign partners, exchanging information regarding "sensitive issues" and believe that there should be no more questions.