Samkharadze thinks that MEPs "have not read the case of Nika Gvaramia to the end"


Nikoloz Samkharadze, a Georgian Dream MP and chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, believes that MEPs "did not read the case" when making their statement about the director of the Mtavari Channel. He also does not think that the case has been translated into English completely.

At the same time, Samkharadze admitted that he himself did not fully read the details and materials of the Niki Gvaramia case.

"I don't think these MEPs have read this case in English from beginning to end. Nor do I think this case has already been translated into English. That's why this statement is based on assumptions and that's why I cannot welcome statements when people do not have full information about the case materials and the factual circumstances," said Nikoloz Samkharadze.

Samkharadze has not read the statement by Amnesty International, which says that the verdict of Nika Gvaramia is a termination for political reasons. He said that if the organization argues that this is a legal absurdity, they can continue the dispute in higher courts.