Ivanishvili accuses the U.S. of preventing transfers... I said: why don't you really do that, really, why don't you interfere? - Japaridze aftere the meeting with Chollet


Zura Japaridze, leader of Girchi More Freedom, said he asked the adviser of the U.S. Secretary of State, Derek Chollet, why the united states would not actually interfere with Bidzina Ivanishvili's transfers, luxury goods or other issues.

"I was interested in what America could do, and in that regard we had some positions to help the country and help Georgia. My position was that this man, that is, living in the mountains, is still blaming America through his experts or henchmen, that America is preventing him from making some transfers to a Swiss bank, from buying a helicopter, from preventing him from taking paintings. I said to them,  Why don't you really do that, why dont you really interfere? - Zura Japaridze said after the meeting.

He said the United States was concerned about what was happening in Georgia in terms of justice and media.