Ian Kelly is a lobbyist for the National Movement - Volski


Gia Volski calls former U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly a National Movement lobbyist. With this comment, Georgian Dream member and the Vice Speaker of Parliament Gia Volski responded to the joint letter of Ian Kelly and David Kramer with the headline - "Putin Loses in Ukraine, but Wins in Georgia."

"Ian Kelly is one of those who presents himself as a United National Movement lobbyist and argues that convicting a person for a specific crime separates us from Europe, while torturing and deliberately killing a large group of people in prisons and beyond is what brings us closer together. This is his view, which he and Kramer expressed very briefly in a single paragraph, which is utterly absurd, if not nonsense," Volski said.

In a wide-ranging publication, Ian Kelly and David Kramer assess the political moves of the Georgian Dream and write that Ivanishvili's team is only acting in its narrow partisan interests, which further alienates the country from Euro-Atlantic integration.

The former diplomats also comment on the arrest of Nika Gvaramia in the article and say it is another step towards authoritarianism in Georgia.