Ian Kelly's position made it easier for Nika Gvaramia, to rob Rustavi 2 for 7 million - Kobakhidze


Kobakhidze, chairman of the Dream Party, calls Ian Kelly and David Kramer lobbyists and makes a new accusation against the former U.S. ambassador to Georgia:

"Kelly and Kramer are no longer relevant at all. It has become clear that they are lobbyists, and I would like to remind Ian Kelly that his position was very problematic in the Rustavi 2 case, and his position unfortunately made it easier for Nka Gvaramia to rob Rustavi 2 of 7 million, which is unfortunate. Ian Kelly has no moral right to talk about Nika Gvaramia's criminal case," Kobakhidze said.

Niki Gvaramia's politically motivated indictment and his political imprisonment are covered in a wide-ranging publication by American diplomats titled "Putin Loses in Ukraine, but Wins in Georgia."