"It is clear that this was a politically motivated decision"| Gakharia about the arrest of Nika Gvaramia


According to the leader of the Party for Georgia Giorgi Gakharia, the arrest of the CEO of the Mtavari Channel Nika Gvaramia was a politically motivated decision.

At the same time, Gakharia believes that this case will not and should not interfere with the country's European integration.

"It is clear to me that this case simply cannot be explained without a political background. Let me give you a few examples. The first is that this case has been under investigation for a long time, if I'm not mistaken . This result can be established either a week earlier, or a month earlier, or two or three months later. It is clear that people chose the moment on purpose. Second, there are several "options" in the Georgia Penal Code for this case, including a much lighter one that would not prevent Nick Gvaramia from serving his sentence, but would allow him to continue exercising his professional rights.

Considering how important today, at this moment, are the European values of the country, the steps taken by the government and the attitude of the government, the very method of how this was done, even if the judgment was 100% correct, which I cannot doubt, because I do not know the case and I am not a judge. The way the process was conducted and when the steps were taken clearly shows everyone that this was a politically motivated decision," Gakharia said.