Not allowing one of the main leaders of Poland to visit me is only the decision of the savages of the Stone Age - Mikheil Saakashvili


The refusal to allow one of Poland's main leaders to visit me is just a decision by Stone Age savages - Georgia's third president made the statement after Polish parliament Vice Speaker Malgozeta Goszewski was not allowed in the clinic with him.

"The refusal to admit our main ally and friend, one of the main leaders of Poland, as a supporting country to me is only the decision of savages of the Stone Age, and not of modern Europeans. This gives additional arguments and serves to deliberately undermine our candidacy, which is why it seems that Europe no longer gives us candidate status as today, the government of savages has nothing to do in Europe, and the Georgian people are not savages, but a civilized, democratic society and we must act before it is too late. If we, as a people, deserve a candidacy, we must prove it with our actions, not just our statements," Mikhail Saakashvili said in his address.