Ukraine and Georgia together, forever! - Zelensky addressed the Georgian people


Address of the President of Ukraine to Georgians - Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the people gathered on Rustaveli Avenue for their support and promised to stand by him

"Hello Georgia!
I want everyone to hear me today.
We are free people and a free country and that is eternal.
I am grateful to the children of Georgia who are fighting against the Russians together with our fighters.
Their success is our common success.
Their wound is our wound.
And our victory will be the victory of each of them, as well as of each of you.
We will never give up, because Donbass and Crimea are our land, just as Abkhazia and South Ossetia are yours.
If anyone wants to forget it, if anyone wants to delete it, we will definitely remind them, we will be with you.
Yesterday Ukraine received the status of a candidate country for EU membership, you are on this path.
Walk - we will help you!
Ukraine and Georgia together, forever! Glory to Georgia, glory to Ukraine!
It is true that my Georgian is not ideal,
However my feelings towards you are sincere.
good luck!
Glory to Ukraine! "Reads the address of the President of Ukraine.

"Georgia without oligarchic rule" - another rally is being held on Rustaveli Avenue. The protesters, in this way, reaffirm their unwavering position and European choice. The demonstration is organized by the movement "Shame".

Today's rally started with the anthems of Georgia, Ukraine and the European Union.