"They are protesting the campaign to ruin the country... It is the people's position, isn't it?" - Kobakhidze


On the one hand, the Georgian Dream claims to be "reaching out" to the opposition for cooperation, but on the other hand, party activists in the regions attack people calling on citizens to come to the European integration rally - "Home to Europe."

Kobakhidze calls the July 3 rally a "Campaign of Ruin" and says that the opposition is "has the agenda of ruination."

"As for the people who are protesting against the campaign related to the ruination of the country. I don't know, that's the position of the people, isn't it? One side declares the ruination of the country, there is a part of the society that does not want that. It is, of course, the responsibility of the opposition, when they talk about the ruination of the country, of course, there is also the reaction of the public. This is a society," says Kobakhidze.