Let me make it clear, there was never any talk about Georgia's involvement in the war or "blackmailing" - Degnan on the meeting with Ivanishvili


U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan talks about the content of the meeting held with former Prime Minister and founder of the Georgian Dream, Bidzina Ivanishvili, and states that there was never any discussion of Georgia's involvement in Russia's war against Ukraine, or "blackmail" or actions related to Ivanishvili's delayed money transfers.

She spoke to InterPressNews on the subject and said the meetings were always about the U.S.-Georgian strategic partnership and U.S. efforts to support Georgia's economic, security and democratic development.

We normally do not talk about our private meetings in the press, but as Mr. Ivanishvili confirmed, I last met with him on March 21, which was some time ago. When Mr. Ivanishvili  and I met, it was in the capacity of discussing the U.S.-Georgia partnership and the United States’ efforts to support Georgia’s economic, security, and democratic development. Let me be absolutely clear, so no one will have to ask again: there was never talk about involving Georgia in Russia’s war against Ukraine, or about “blackmail” or actions to stall the transfer of Mr. Ivanishvili ’s money. You should question him or the banks involved regarding these topics.

When the United States imposes financial sanctions, we announce them publicly. There is a searchable list on the Treasury Department’s website where banks, media, and the general public can check who is and isn’t subject to financial sanctions. Any discussion of Swiss bank accounts is frankly a distraction from the important work at hand. As Mr. Ivanishvili  noted in his July 27 statement, this is a private matter between him and his financial institution," Kelly Degnan told InterPressNews.