A UN expert will arrive in Georgia on August 29 to involve in the case of Mikheil Saakashvili | "Empathy" addresses the ministry of health


The UN expert, who is to participate in the examination of Mikheil Saakashvili at the invitation of the "Empathy" Center, will arrive in Tbilisi on August 29, but still has no answer as to whether his permission to work has been recognized by the Ministry of Health.

In general, the "Empathy" Center says that the controlling body is artificially delaying the process.

We applied to the Ministry of Health on August 5 and also on August 10 for temporary licenses for 5 specialists. And, unfortunately, we are still receiving inadequate letters from them about additional requirements. The Center of Empathy provided detailed information on the UN expert and, despite this, as well as for other experts, we provide it gradually, as our foreign colleagues do not comprehend to take printed notices from work, as well as to present employment records, which is a remnant from the Soviet Union and, unfortunately, our Ministry of Health is still in the Soviet Union.

And yet I was not able to adequately communicate with the regulatory body of the Ministry of Health. As for the UN expert, I would like to tell you that on the 29th he will be here and we will make a visit to Vivamed clinic and I urge the regulatory body of the Ministry of Health not to interfere with us during the forensic examination and be kind enough to issue the forensic expert tomorrow a document confirming recognition of the temporary license - says Mariam Jishkariani.