The wine agency was unable to bring Georgian wine to the Berlin Wine Festival. Guests who came to the Georgian wine festival tasted only a few bottles brought by hand.

The national wine agency issued a statement about the incident, saying that due to the epidemic situation similar measures have been tightened around the world, so according to the agency the shipment was delayed due to rules imposed during the pandemic:

"According to the latest information available to the agency, the shipment is still delayed at the Frankfurt customs terminal ... In addition, due to the difficult pandemic situation, regulations have been tightened around the world ... The comments and assessments disseminated on social media and in the media are aimed at discrediting the National Wine Agency, which unfortunately is based on political turmoil in the country," the statement said.

Opposition groups say funding for the wine agency this year amounted to ₾8 million from the budget, making it unclear to them what the expenditure was spent on. According to the wine industry themselves, when they arrived at the festival, they found themselves in a "dire" state.

"Shame, public money has been spent on this. A bad thing has happened. To this day we have no system, no logistics and that we don't think that an entrepreneur should be able to to ship his or her product. My colleagues were in dire condition. Some had 3 bottles, some had 2 bottles," said wine entrepreneur Nika Bakhaia.

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